A quick note for Blizzard

This is a quick note for Blizzard that I’d like to make. I’ve created it as a separate section because I do not want to edit the open letter to Blizzard to much after receiving a significant amount of signatures.


Blizzard, there is something I would like you to keep in mind while you weigh your options and decide on a solution here. Multiboxing itself is not directly the issue here. It’s a few select players who are. While banning multiboxing all together would certainly solve the issue, the real issue is more that of attitude.

I would ask that you do something outside of the ordinary. We the players know that you like to have the rules behind you when you make a decision, which is part of the reason I am petitioning for multiboxing to be a bannable offense. But I still believe that it needs to be handled on a per case basis. Not everyone who multiboxes is out to make a terrible experience for others.

Please keep this in mind. You may not even have to change the rules if you are willing to take action on these players without the ToS behind you. It’s your game, and the terms do say you can do what you want. Maybe you could use a little of your own judgement here and handle the situation on a case by case basis?

Either way, something must be done, and we appreciate you taking the time to do it.

Check out this video too, because it explains things a little bit better than I do when it comes to multiboxers who are not out to destroy the game. Click here!

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