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Wait, what’s going on? What is this?

Hi there,

My name is Eldruin and I’m a Paladin that calls Emerald Dream my home.

As you are probably aware, multiboxing has become a big issue on our server that has caused a lot of headache and irritation. Today, I decided to take a stand against it and form an official campaign against multiboxing in order to help get the change that so many people want. This website was designed to help share people’s stories and to allow people to show their support in one central location that’s easy for Blizzard to see.

What is multiboxing? Have I run into a multiboxer before?

Multiboxing is running multiple characters at one time on one or more computers. Usually this takes the form of one raid group controlled by one user by means of input broadcasting. What is input broadcasting? Input broadcasting is when one command is sent to different application windows. For example, if I have 40 accounts of WoW open and logged in on a Paladin, and I push my keybinding for Divine Shield one time, it is broadcast to all the different windows. The result is all the characters using Divine Shield. This can be configured in many different ways. An example from Emerald Dream is a multiboxer who uses all Death Knights. So when he walks into Warspear and attacks, he targets one player. All his characters target one person and attack it with the push of one or two buttons. What does this mean? You’re standing still one second, the next you’re staring at your dead body often wondering what happened. If you’ve been in a major city where a group of people with very similar names started attacking, you’ve probably been a victim of multiboxing.

What’s so bad about multiboxing?

Well, in the past, there wasn’t to much of an issue with multiboxing. People never really used it to just destroy entire cities, and if they did, it wasn’t every couple hours or even every day. Now, multiboxing can cause server instability, sour attitudes, and various other problems.

What is the general attitude of the multiboxers? Is that part of the problem?

YES, the attitude of the multiboxers is definitely one of the issues. They have been recorded saying that they want to turn our server into their playground. Some of them have also stated in plain terms that role playing is stupid and that they have no respect for it, and that they do not care what kind of impact they have on our server.

Also, it’s important to remember this is an role playing server, and this is the type of attitude that some of the multiboxers possess. While Blizzard obviously doesn’t require you to participate in role playing when on one of those servers, they do require the respect of others and role playing in general.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 7.57.44 AM

This right here is another perfect example of the attitude of some of the multi boxers:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 5.30.08 PM


Screenshot 2015-12-12 19.34.22

My role playing guild fell apart a little while ago. They said they were transferring because of “some boxer”. Is this what they were talking about?

More than likely, yes it is. Multiboxing has lead to the falling of a few different role playing guilds and groups. I’m really sorry that your group fell apart. It’s one of the very reasons I’m taking a stand and trying to change things!

Do we even have a chance at changing this? Isn’t this a dead horse? Isn’t the multiboxers wallet bigger than ours?

We always have a chance to change things. Blizzard listens to feedback, they just need enough of it. That’s the goal here. To get enough of that feedback to make a difference.

Here is a link to the Blue post that says they want our feedback regarding the situation:

The part specifically that we’re looking at is this:

“If this is a practice that you think should not be allowed or at least limited, you’ll need to submit your feedback to our Development team. You can do that by posting in the General Discussion forum and/or submitting your suggestions via the in-game interface option.”

Blizzard, for the record, we are using this website because we are trying to prevent spam on the forums. When a thread is spammed by people on the forums, it gets deleted. This website provides a centralized location for you to view information about the feedback that you are looking for. Lots of people have feedback and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Who are you?

I’m just a Paladin that calls Emerald Dream home. Isn’t it my duty as a follower of the Light to help those in need?


Together, we will take down multiboxing. But I can’t do it alone. Please join me in sharing your opinions and helping to get the word out about this website.


The Light does not give up on it’s followers.


Lights blessing, friend.


An Open Letter To Blizzard Entertainment

To: Blizzard Entertainment

(Specifically, the Developer Team for World of Warcraft)

From: The Emerald Dream Community


Dear Blizzard,

As we’re sure you know, multiboxing has been causing a bit of a heated debate recently, and with good reason. Although this petition is generally about the issues on Emerald Dream, you’ll find supporters from across all your different servers here. Why? Because multiboxing has had a detrimental impact on the experience of World of Warcraft players everywhere.

We understand that the current Terms of Service and the rules of the game allow multiboxing. We know that as of today, this is not a violation, however we want that to change. Rules and regulations must change and adapt to the current times and for the people they govern.

Multiboxing in the past was something that was admirable. While adventuring the beautiful world you’ve created for us, you might come across one. They would mount up on Ashes of Alar and leave the skies filled with streamers and cool effects. They might make their characters dance, or even duel one another resulting in some pretty hilarious outcomes. That’s the problem though… It used to be that way. No longer do you find what I’m going to refer to as “hobby” multiboxers. Today you have multiboxers that use their power to destroy cities and servers themselves.

I’d like to make a couple things clear though, if I may. This is not a PvP happened on a PvP server issue we’re talking about. It’s so much more than that. When a city is raided by a 40 man team that has come together and decided to attack, there’s still hope for a defense. See, in that 40 man raid on the city, every person plays their own role in the attack. A healer might get distracted and later end up dead, putting the rest of the team in jeopardy. A group can actually form up and make an attempt to defend the city or location and has a chance at being successful. Now picture a multiboxer coming in. This is where things change. Now you have 40 (or more in most cases) characters targeting one person. Even the weakest move someone has is going to kill someone if 40 people are targeting them with it. And then they move on to the next person, and the next person, and the next person, all while the multiboxer MAY be using other toys and spell effects that have the potential to cause server instability. In Stormshield particularly, there have been many times where myself and others have been in a dungeon or a battleground. We queued up in Stormshield and that’s where we were supposed to port back to after. When the battleground or dungeon is over, we are welcomed by none other than “World Server Down” for at least 15-20 minutes.

An actual raid of people can be defended against while a multiboxing situation cannot be. We also understand that this is a PvP server and we chose to be a part of PvP. I would like to invite each and every developer and any other employees that are part of this decision making process to join us during a multiboxing attack to help us defend. If you join us and still think it’s fair afterwords, I’d be wholeheartedly surprised. The face of multiboxing has changed.

Do not take just one persons word on this, Blizzard. Not only will people’s stories be shared on this website, but we’ve also gathered information from people on Reddit. This post on Reddit made it to the front page of the subreddit and was able to gather lots of valuable feedback. I invite you to check it out by clicking here.

I’d like to bring your attention to another point here, Blizzard. And that’s the launch of Legion, and also the direction you are taking with it. You are taking things back to the fantasy of the game. When I log into my Paladin, you want me to feel like a Paladin. I will be wielding the Ashbringer and doing my part to save Azeroth! This is beautiful and extremely exciting. Can you imagine what is going to happen with the role playing scene? You are helping to create the perfect environment for role playing and that itself is exciting. Role playing and immersion in your story are two of the things that I, and I’m sure lots of others, look forward to with the launch of Legion. On the reddit thread, there were multiple reports of multiboxing causing serious issues with the role playing scene. Multiboxing has no place in World of Warcraft, but it certainly does not have a place on role playing servers. When people bring up the issue to multiboxers themselves, do you know what kind of response we get? They literally say they want to turn the server into their playground.

Blizzard, how can you continue to allow a few people to have a serious detrimental impact on the game play of hundreds, if not thousands, of other people? People are transferring left and right off of Emerald Dream, and some people who are wanting to come back to the game are now scared to return to their home server.

Also, Blizzard, not every multiboxer is out to ruin peoples day. Here’s a video from someone that explains a little more about that. There is a difference between hobby multiboxing and mass multiboxing.

If you had to look at the pros versus the cons of multiboxing, what exactly are the pros? While we know that it is a revenue generator for you because you get both the sales and subscriptions from the multiboxers as well as the transfer fees from people leaving, is that really worth it to you? I know that the Blizzard developers still care about the game so damn much, I can’t imagine that money is the only motive. Is there something else? Can we get a straight up answer as to why the Terms of Service can’t be changed? I know it’s not easy, and there will be a bit of a public relations storm heading your way if you do, but Blizzard, your players are looking to you for help.

There are a few solutions that I personally could see happening. Some of them, obviously better than others.

  1. Multiboxing is completely banned. This is probably the easiest route for you that requires the least amount of monitoring and will have the least impact on your customer service representatives. There will be a public relations issue, but you’ve all dealt with worse before.
  2. Limits are placed on multiboxing. This is personally the solution I like the most. Some type of 5 man limit is placed because like I said before, hobby multiboxing which has no impact on server stability and player experience is often actually a positive thing. The only issue here is enforcement and the exact rules themselves. That would be a little bit more difficult, I can imagine.
  3. Multiboxing is banned on Role Playing servers. While this would help Emerald Dream, it leaves the rest of World of Warcraft still vulnerable to the issue. If you honestly believe that multiboxing should be allowed, Blizzard, this might be one of the better solutions. If you really do not want to ban it completely, then this is the best option for Emerald Dream.
  4. Free transfers are provided for players on Emerald Dream. This is one of the worst solutions possible because it will destroy an entire community. It’s better than nothing, but not by much.
  5. Nothing is done. This is the absolute worst decision you could make, and I promise you it’s the wrong choice.
  6. I’d also like you to keep this section in mind when thinking about your possible solutions. You can handle this on a case by case basis without making major changes to the rules. Click here to read more. I wrote this as a separate section because I do not want to change this part of the website much after receiving signatures.

Blizzard, please do something. Emerald Dream, and the rest of World of Warcraft, needs your help. We’ve been told to gather feedback and present it to you, and now Eldruin is going to help make that happen.

I must also point out that this letter does not specifically cover every issue with multiboxing. It has an impact on so many different levels that I can’t really address them all here, but I encourage you to PLEASE read other peoples stories that they’ve shared on reddit as well as this site. Hovering over the pictures on this site under the “People who have signed, and their stories.” section will show you some of their stories. The thread on reddit also has tons of stories and shows the impact that this has had on individuals. This is not one person reaching out for help. This is an entire server reaching out for help.

Also Blizzard, you might be interested to know that each signature on this petition is email verified. What this means is that you can trust the number that is displayed. Each person who signs this petition must verify their email address, and they are not allowed to sign twice. I’m looking for real numbers here, Blizzard.

Light be with you,

Eldruin on behalf of everyone who feels the same way.


P.S. I do not speak for everyone. Nobody should ever assume that I am talking on behalf of them. I am talking on behalf of the people who have expressed similar opinions and those who have shared their stories on reddit, or signed this petition.

Champion, we need your help!

Blizzard has stated that one of the things we need to do is to provide feedback to them regarding multiboxing in order for us to receive the change we so desperately want. I’m going to help make that easier, but I need your help. There are multiple things you can do to help us out and to further this cause.

  1. Sign the petition and share your story! I have to stress that you MUST verify your email. Check your SPAM folder, please! Your signature and story will not be shared or counted if you do not verify your email. I promise not to do anything malicious with it, I’m here to help Emerald Dream. You do NOT have to use the same one linked to your Battle.net account, but please, only sign the petition once. I will remove signatures that look to be faked or duplicates.
  2. Share your story and information with me. Do you have screenshots or video that you think shows the true impact of multiboxing? Have screenshots of a conversation with a multiboxer showing their vial attitude? Share it with me so I can show Blizzard! You can email me at Eldruin@BringBackTheDream.com or reach out to me on Twitter: @HolyEldruin You can also find me in game, my name is Eldruín. (The alt code for the I is ALT-161)
  3. If you are a guild leader or someone who helps organize events, please share this website with those people. Putting this link in your guild message of the day will help A LOT. We need as much support as we can get.
  4. Tweet this page to the World of Warcraft development team! We want them to see this page, and reaching out to them on Twitter is a good way to get their attention.
  5. Run a website that does news on World of Warcraft or even other games? Write an article about this! If you would like to speak with Eldruin, the guy organizing this site, send him an email: Eldruin@BringBackTheDream.com
  6. This one is really important, everyone: Keep calm and be RESPECTFUL. Blizzard hates nothing more than name calling and straight up bashing. This will get us nowhere! Please, when communicating your thoughts to Blizzard regarding this issue, please be respectful and honest. We need them to take us seriously. This is very important because I know people are getting upset about this issue and being upset leads us to doing things we might not mean.
  7. If you have any other way that you believe you can help the cause, please send an email to Eldruin@bringbackthedream.com and let me know!

Sign it!

People who have signed, and their stories.

These people have all pledged their support and signed the petition. Hover over the icons above to view the story they submitted with their signature. Here you’ll be able to see the real impact that multiboxing has on the community. You can refresh the page in order to see different stories. Blizzard, if you’re reading this, I can get you all of the feedback in one place, you just need to let me know.

Our Path So Far

Win trading is bannable, right? Uncategorized

Again, another post from the forums. Link here.


“I’m sure if you’re anywhere remotely familiar with the forums you know what’s going on right now. I have EVIDENCE, that the person who is “so against” cheating that he feels the need to mass report one player who has never cheated before and will never cheat in this game because he got out played, CHEATS HIMSELF. I’m writing this fully aware that I’m going to get either a 30 minute corner sit in the banned department or worse, but at this point, Blizzard, I’ve had enough.
Prepared Win Trading-

Imgur screenshots of him wintrading (you can see in the text box)-

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

I’d like to thank my friends who are awesome enough to provide me with said screenshots, as I do not multi-box and am completely and totally against it, but how bad must his boxing be that even people within the multi-boxing community want him gone!??!
If Prepared is so against “cheating and using exploits” why is he CLEARLY cheating and exploiting the ToS so clearly in these SS’s and videos.
If you, by now, can’t see that this is a problem that needs to be fixed, you’re just as delusional as he is, and I hope you can find help for yourself.

Fix the Issue. #BanPrepared2015″

A quick note for Blizzard Uncategorized

This is a quick note for Blizzard that I’d like to make. I’ve created it as a separate section because I do not want to edit the open letter to Blizzard to much after receiving a significant amount of signatures.


Blizzard, there is something I would like you to keep in mind while you weigh your options and decide on a solution here. Multiboxing itself is not directly the issue here. It’s a few select players who are. While banning multiboxing all together would certainly solve the issue, the real issue is more that of attitude.

I would ask that you do something outside of the ordinary. We the players know that you like to have the rules behind you when you make a decision, which is part of the reason I am petitioning for multiboxing to be a bannable offense. But I still believe that it needs to be handled on a per case basis. Not everyone who multiboxes is out to make a terrible experience for others.

Please keep this in mind. You may not even have to change the rules if you are willing to take action on these players without the ToS behind you. It’s your game, and the terms do say you can do what you want. Maybe you could use a little of your own judgement here and handle the situation on a case by case basis?

Either way, something must be done, and we appreciate you taking the time to do it.

Check out this video too, because it explains things a little bit better than I do when it comes to multiboxers who are not out to destroy the game. Click here!

Back on the front page of /r/WoW Uncategorized

Once again people are showing their support on /r/wow. I really appreciate everyone who is helping to tackle this issue! Spread the word and let the multiboxers know we are not letting them turn Emerald Dream into their playground! Click here to view the reddit post.

We received a Blue post! Uncategorized

On reddit, a Blizzard Community Manager, Devolore, commented and said that they’d be kicking up a discussion about the multiboxing on our server. Click here to view that post.

Champion, Emerald Dream needs your help! Uncategorized

Although people have been campaigning against multiboxing for a while now, Eldruin first decided to take a stand against this monstrosity with a Reddit post in order to gain feedback from other players. Lots of stories were shared, and many people chimed in showing support. You can view the reddit thread by clicking here.